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Audio / Video production
We can do

Sound production and post-production

  • Change the duration or speed.

  • Add or subtract parts of the track

  • Mix and Remix

  • Record and Master

Video production and post-production

  • Record and produce

  • Edit your existing videos

  • Color correction and composing

  • And more..

Examples of multimedia services.

1. Slow down, speed up variation (full length) - €30 maximum 3 minutes.

2. Slow down, speed up parts of a variation or song - €50 (maximum 3 minutes)

3. Video editing - €25 per minute.

4. Photo editing - €5 per photo.

5. Video editing - €50 per minute.

6. Photo retouching - €10 per photo.


Contact us for more services.

If you are interested in photography, visit our photo studio page.
You can view our work and book a photo session.

To request a price quote, contact us by e-mail or phone.

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