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If you are looking for quality ballet Tutu or theatrical costume, you are in the right place!

We work directly with a professional stage costume studio, which specializes in tailoring costumes exclusively for ballet companies and individual professionals! Our tutus and costumes have become very popular among soloists from Ukraine, Russia, Japan, America, Canada and a number of other countries around the world. The quality of handmade work and the choice of the best materials and decorations, an individual approach to each customer, an attractive price makes our ballet costumes one of the best!


Our costumes are made in Kiev, Ukraine, by professional dressmakers under the supervision of experienced ballet designers.


We also ship worldwide!


To get started ordering the very best ballet tutu or costume, read short instruction carefully!

  • There is a proverb: "Measure a hundred times, cut once!"

    Therefore, before you start filling out the order form, take 6 necessary measurements from yourself. It's very easy! The main thing is not in a hurry!

    ATTENTION! 6 measurement parameters must be specified in centimetres!

    Use this converter if needed! 

    Write them down and you can start filling out the pre-order form.

  • Please provide all the data that we need to start production. Take your time and check the form before submitting.

  • Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email from us that your request has been received, and two business days later you will be invoiced and instructions for payment.

  • Making a costume or ballet tutu takes on average 10-20 days. We will be constantly in touch with you if necessary.

  • After your order is ready, we will proceed to shipping. Depending on the destination, this can take about 2-3 weeks.

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Before you start, please check that you will fill form in centimetres (cm)!
Use this converter if needed. 

Tutu Order Form


2Silluette-without tutu-01-01.png
Weist volume-01.png
Bra volume-01.png
Hips volume-01.png
Skirt leights-01.png
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Thanks for your order! Your beautiful Tutu is coming to production! We will get in touch with you!

It's time to choose your Tutu model.
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