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Special ONLINE: Flamenco: Helena Sanz

Flamenco Masterclass: Helena Sanz Las cajas del teatro

  • 11,75 euró

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Flamenco Masterclass with Helena Sanz Immerse yourself in the passionate world of Flamenco with a special masterclass featuring renowned artist Helena Sanz from Las Cajas del Teatro. Hosted at the prestigious Grand Art Ballet studio in Budapest, this unique experience invites dancers of all levels to discover the artistry and intensity of Flamenco. Date and Time: December 1, 2023 at 19:25 Location: Grand Art Ballet Studio, Budapest Class Overview: This Flamenco masterclass led by Helena Sanz promises an exploration of traditional and contemporary Flamenco styles. Participants will delve into the intricate footwork, expressive arm movements, and emotional storytelling that define this captivating dance form. Highlights: Learn essential Flamenco techniques under the guidance of Helena Sanz, a seasoned artist with a rich background in Las Cajas del Teatro. Experience the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Flamenco music, enhancing your understanding of the intricate connection between dance and music. Receive personalized feedback and tips to refine your Flamenco skills, whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer. Requirements: Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable dance attire suitable for Flamenco, and character or Flamenco shoes if available. Registration: Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended. Visit for registration details. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring world of Flamenco with Helena Sanz at Grand Art Ballet studio in Budapest!

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You are able to reschedule or cancel class maximum 6 hours before class starts. Legfeljebb 6 órával az óra kezdete előtt átütemezheti vagy lemondhatja az órát.



Budapest XI, Építész u. 8-12, 1116 Budapest, Balett és Táncstúdió / Grand Art Ballet, Építész Street, Hungary

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